Is Your UK Address Lucky? Free Postcode Lottery might is a great (free) way to find out if your UK address is lucky. This isn’t a game that is going to make you rich with relatively small jackpots shared by anyone with that specific post code but it’s completely free to enter – so what have you got to lose? It doesn’t Read more about Is Your UK Address Lucky? Free Postcode Lottery[…]

Create A Consistent Online Presence

If you want to get the most out of Internet marketing for your business it’s important to strive for a consistent online presence with your domain name, social media profiles and NAP results all returning the same information. If you’re just starting your business and looking for new names check whether the domain name is Read more about Create A Consistent Online Presence[…]

Draw With Google

Pit your drawing skills against Google with Quick Draw ( The site will ask you to sketch a series of images which AI (Artificial Intelligence) will try to guess. by cycling through a list of possibilities based on what it thinks you’re drawing. A great way to pass time (and improve your drawing ability).  Visit Read more about Draw With Google[…]

Track Santa This Christmas

Track Santa on his journey across the globe this Christmas through fascinating website: NORAD ( In addition to tracking him on Christmas Eve you can take a virtual visit to the North Pole, play games, listen to Christmas theme music and more before the main event which will keep your kids entertained for hours! Give Read more about Track Santa This Christmas[…]