Tip: Register your name across all social media platforms

A quick tip: Whenever possible register your name on all the various social media platforms available! Whilst this may seem like a daunting (and time consuming) task – which it is unfortunately there are site out there to make it a bit easier. Also – you will probably see websites you have absolutely no intention Read more about Tip: Register your name across all social media platforms[…]

Perform Essential Keyword Research With This Website

The essential first step for any SEO campaign is accurate keyword research to ensure you’re targeting the correct keywords to get the best return on investment – be that time doing the SEO work yourself or money paying someone else to do the work for you. This is where a useful website can help allowing you Read more about Perform Essential Keyword Research With This Website[…]

Keep an eye on your competitors!

Keep an eye on your competitors with this useful website: https://www.trafiklite.com/ As an essential part of your digital marketing plan you should be recording the online performance of your competition and try to exceed their statistics whenever possible. Traffic Keywords Backlinks Reputation Social Following If you want a full analysis of your site, your main competition Read more about Keep an eye on your competitors![…]

Charge money for downloads on your site

Do you want to charge visitors for downloading files from your website? Previously this might have been too complicated so you decided it was easier to make the downloads available for FREE? However, with Easy Digital Downloads plug-in for WordPress you can make downloads available to people who pay you for access via PayPal. The Read more about Charge money for downloads on your site[…]

Is Your UK Address Lucky? Free Postcode Lottery

Freepostcodelottery.com might is a great (free) way to find out if your UK address is lucky. This isn’t a game that is going to make you rich with relatively small jackpots shared by anyone with that specific post code but it’s completely free to enter – so what have you got to lose? It doesn’t Read more about Is Your UK Address Lucky? Free Postcode Lottery[…]

Create A Consistent Online Presence

If you want to get the most out of Internet marketing for your business it’s important to strive for a consistent online presence with your domain name, social media profiles and NAP results all returning the same information. If you’re just starting your business and looking for new names check whether the domain name is Read more about Create A Consistent Online Presence[…]