Our web design process – stages/milestones

Web Design Process

Information Gathering

The first part of any web design project we take on is to determine specific requirements and goals for our new client. As part of this decision making process we look at the budget for the initial development and any funds allocated to maintenance and promotion post launch.

Wireframe & Site Structure

Once we have an understanding of the goals, requirements and any budget constraints to work towards we will create some basic wireframes which allow us to move elements of the site around with relative ease. Although these wireframes are far from visually appealing, they allow CML Design Web Services and our clients to finalise the site structure BEFORE any coding takes place.

Visual Design

Arguably more interesting for our clients is the visuals stage where we get to see ideas “properly” for the first time using the direction we have decided upon and by integrating any specific colour, branding & fonts etc.

Homepage Development

We code the website by converting the visual designs into HTML and CSS, which we connect to the content management system(CMS). Whilst we have essentially agreed on a design at the previous stage we can tweak a few elements of the design if needed – although wholesale changes to the layout is often beyond the original scope of the project at this point.

Content Gathering

If no content was previously available we will have used placeholders – sample images and dummy text known as LOREM IPSUM. For the project to progress we will populate the whole site with content – including text and images where appropriate. We enter your content into the design of the site once we have a final edition of the content (ie business history, customer testimonials, image gallery etc)

Internal Page Development

With as much of the content gathered as possible we will code and link together the internal pages of the site adding any additional functionality these pages might require (such as a gallery or contact form). If any content is missing we will create inner pages populated with placeholder text/images until we can replace it with the real content supplied when it is ready.

Launch, Testing & Support

Only when we are both happy will we launch the new site – replacing your old site or “coming soon” page. You are also trained on how to use the CMS and other aspects of running your new website.

After the website is live, we maintain a partnership with you by providing assistance and ongoing maintenance to the you and your new website as and when required.

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