How to exclude location based search results

exclude location based results

So, you want to view search results from a location other than your own? It used to be easy to change your search location but these days it’s not as straight forward but we’ll explain how to do it in this post.

Why exclude location based search results?

While results based on your location is great when you’re looking for something close to where you are, it’s not always a good indication of how well your website is performing online if you JUST look at location based results set to your own location!

Caution! Some businesses will perform SEO on your site and often show location based search rankings as proof of how well they’re performing. Whilst this is great if you’re only targeting that particular area, it’s not a good indicator to use if you’re targeting different regions or nationwide etc.

How to exclude location based search results

You should always seek location neutral SERP reports whenever possible (unless you’re targeting a specific geographic area of course) but what if you want to perform your own search? Below are two options for editing your search location:

  1. Google AdPreview – 
  2. ISearchFrom –

Whilst primarily used for testing your Adwords adverts, these tools will present organic results for your chosen location & device also – great if you want to know what results are thrown up for someone using a mobile device in a specific town other than your own desktop PC in your own town!


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