Should my website have an SSL Certificate in 2018?

SSL in 2018

If you want the short answer then YES your site should have SSL in 2018. If you want to know why it will benefit your site read on for the benefits of having an ssl certificate.

It may be obvious but having an SSL offers more secure way of transferring data on your website through encryption. Essentially this is why you should have an ssl certificate but whereas it used to be a “must” for ecommerce sites where visitors transmitted sensitive data such as their credit card details we are increasingly seeing benefits for non ecommerce sites too.

If visitors notice whether a site has one or not builds trust and this is starting to become easier and easier as browsers start to indicate sites as “secure” or “not secure” – see our image. If a visitor sees a NOT SECURE sign chances are they will be concerned and instantly head for the BACK button to get off your site ASAP!

The SSL Certificate will contain information authenticating your identity and it’s thought that your average visitor will be more suspect of dodgy sites in 2018 than ever before so it pays to prove you are who you claim to be with an SSL certificate.

Help keep your site and visitor information safe from hackers by encrypting data so that hackers can’t read it!

Whether a site has SSL is now an important ranking factor in some search engines and they place secure sites higher in their rankings than unsecured ones. Some are also rumoured to be introducing indicator such as green ticks in their search results to allow visitors to check before visiting a link on their results pages.

Help Secure Our Site – Fast!
SSL will cost around £120 for the year (in 2017 / 2018) depending on the type of certificate required and can usually be purchased and installed by your hosting company. Whist CML Design don’t sell the certificates we can help you get one and install it if required. For more information please get in touch so we can find out the best solution for you and your business.