Perform Essential Keyword Research With This Website

The essential first step for any SEO campaign is accurate keyword research to ensure you’re targeting the correct keywords to get the best return on investment – be that time doing the SEO work yourself or money paying someone else to do the work for you.

This is where a useful website can help allowing you to find profitable, low competition keywords in seconds:

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Keyword Research

Your aim here is to locate profitable longtail keywords by entering a seed keyword and viewing/comparing statistics for related searches. In our image (above) our seed key phrase was town and country seat covers returning a total of 589 related search terms.

[For anyone interested this research for town and country seat covers was performed for online car parts specialist MotorNuts –]

Straight away we can see a chart showing search trends for this phrase, indicating interest peaks in spring and the start of winter with February, April and September proving to be the least popular months during the past twelve.  Visit to get started on your own seed keywords.

Below that we are presented with data for the top performing sites including: page rank, domain rank, moz page rank, moz domain rank, authority links, total links and whether the phrase is in the page title, page description or URL.

Arguably more importantly you can see a list of potential new keywords on the right hand side where you can compare search volumes and a calculated difficulty (based on the level of competition) allowing you to select the most appropriate related search term for your SEO campaign. To keep things easy you can save keywords or key phrases and arrange them in dedicated lists so that you can easily access them next time you login to your account.